About us

Jon Swords

Jon is a research fellow at University of York. He researches visual methodologies (including mapping) and creative industries.

He worked with Mike, Sebastian and Holly at Northumbria for ten years. Before that he did a masters degree and PhD at Newcastle University. If he were to map his world it would mainly be cycling routes, places to go rock climbing, and nice restaurants, all designed using data visualisation techniques.

Jon doesn’t like having his photo taken.

Mike Jeffries

Mike is a zoologist by training and ecologist (most of the time) in the Department of Geography at Northumbria University. He has a fascination with how cities are used – modern architecture in particular – and lo-fi cut’n’paste visual methods.

As with so many ecologists, it is hard to tell when the child with the net and jam-jar dabbling in a pond turned into the researcher with a net and a white tray dabbling in multivariate statistics

A map of Mike’s world would be a collage of ponds, insects, skateboarders, graphic novels and neo-Brasilia architecture.

Sebastian Messer

Sebastian is an architect by training and practice. He is a senior lecturer in the Department of Architecture and Built Environment at Northumbria University. His work has been exhibited in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and has been published in Building Design, The Architects’ Journal and Pasajes Architectura.

A map of Sebastian’s world would be minimalistic, stylish and involve a fast car.

Holly East

Holly is a physical geographer at Northumbria University. She has a fascination for coasts and palaeoenvironments which began while working towards her undergraduate degree in Geography (University of Cambridge).

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